September Highlights: My Joys From the Past Month

September is quickly on its way to becoming October…both literally and figuratively. While everyone seems to be rushing from one season to the next, with Pumpkin Lattes in September for example, I prefer to take each month as it comes. More so, I am putting more of an effort on being more positive and appreciating the small things in life.


Over the last year, there have been a lot of positive changes in my life. September was no exception. Here is a list of my favorite things from September:


September Highlights

Recently, I wrote about a show I found on Amazon Video featuring Emeril Lagasse. As much as I recommend this show, you would think I had a part in creating it! Regretfully I did not. However, it truly is one of my favorite things from this month. Maybe if I can get enough people to like it, Amazon will consider a second season. There are certainly a lot more places Emeril can travel to across the world!


This is another show I discovered this month. Contrary to Eat the World, however, I am a bit late. The second season was coming to an end when I discovered the first season online (via Amazon as well). To date, I have only watched the first season. While I have heard mixed reviews about the second season, I will be watching it very soon. More than anything, it has opened my eyes to the intricate world of cyber security and I have started taking steps to secure my on-line presence.


I love baking. However, since finding out about my gluten sensitivity, it has been a struggle. I mean, have you compared prices between traditional flour and gluten free baking flour? This month I discovered that Scratch and Grain baking kits have finally made it into my local Publix grocery stores. No waiting for shipping. They are right there on the shelf. It’s a beautiful thing. For those who don’t necessarily need gluten free, they have other varieties as well.


My web designer shared this video with me a few days ago. Without giving away any spoilers, this short film has a multitude of feels. I went from wanting to punch the character to hugging him. The animation is amazing. It was so amazing, in fact, that the animator was offered a job by Disney. The power of the Internet!


Based on my discovery of Mr. Robot, I decided that I wanted a new, more clandestine USB drive to protect some of my documents. I want to go analog with some of the stuff I have been fairly careless about putting online. Que the Amazon search. I found a 3-in-1 ballpoint pen, stylus, and 32GB USB pen. When you open the pen at the center, you find a USB ready for your USB drive. Although the point of the pen is primarily the USB drive, the pen actually writes amazing. Now, I am afraid that the ink will run out long before the USB drive loses its usefulness.


While this t-shirt hasn’t come into my possession yet, I found it during the month of September. The amount of love I have for this shirt is pretty indescribable. Doctor Who and Doctor Strange in one shirt…YES please! Hopefully, I will be adding this shirt to my collection soon!


What were your highlights from the last month?
What made you happy this month?

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