Living Single: The Cons of the Single Life According to Me

Living single is something I have been doing for a greater share of my adult life. I have dated but have always come back to living the single life. Recently, I shared the pros of living single. At the end of the post, I confessed that I do also feel there are some cons of living single.


Living Single: The Cons
Bear Food 
living singleI live in a pretty rural area of Florida. So rural that I have had issues with a bear (or bears) getting into my trash cans and making a mess. Bear troubles aside, there are gorgeous trails for walking/running just moments from my house. Occasionally, I like to go walk/run them and just decompress. However, it recently dawned on me that, since I live alone, no one would know if something were to happen to me until I didn’t show up for work the next morning. Sure, I take my cell phone with me, but what if something happened where I couldn’t call for help? I could end up becoming bear food before anyone realized I was missing. I ended up making an arrangement with my best friend who lives ten minutes down the road that I would check in with him when I head out and when I return. This way, if he doesn’t hear from me within a certain amount of time, he can come looking for me (or send for help).


I know most people aren’t at the risk of being bear food. However, I am sure there are those like me who live alone and could go missing for awhile before someone would notice and realize something may be wrong. I realized that I need to have a safety plan in place- not just for the trails but my life in general. This is a sobering fact that is certainly worth marking down in the “con” column when it comes to being single.


Fending for Yourself 
Beyond having to be conscious of how often you check in with people, and having a safety system in place, you also have to fend for yourself on a regular basis. This is particularly challenging when you are sick. When you are sick, there is no one to look after you (unless, of course you are so sick that someone comes to stay with you). When you are “regular” sick, you still have to get up and fix yourself something to eat or get something to drink. Even when you aren’t bed-ridden sick, but still aren’t feeling 100%, you still have to do all the things. Cooking dinner, cleaning the house, going to the grocery store- they all have to be done regardless of how I feel.


Going to All The Things 
I have no problem going out to eat alone or going to the store alone. I have done that for many, many years. One year, on New Year’s Eve, I also saw five movies at the theater- in a row. Clearly, there are some things I have no problem whatsoever doing alone. However, since I started working at my current job in October 2015, I have been invited to various social events- a lot more than I had in previous work environments.  I also now have complimentary passes to all the Disney theme parks.


My best friend has been a good sport about a lot the invitations. He has went with me on more than one occasion. However, he is not the most sociable person and prefers to be close to home. Having a significant other would certainly make attending (some of) the events easier.  Sure, some I can go to by myself. There are others, however, that I would prefer to not go to alone. One would be a night event where I shouldn’t be out by myself, for example. I also don’t see a solo trip to the theme parks as being enjoyable. Who would I talk to while being in the que for the rides? Being without a built-in companion to go to all the things with can certainly be a con of living single.


Living Single: The Conclusion (Part 2)
First, the pros. Now, the cons. So, what is the final conclusion? I think the conclusion for everyone is different. As I have mentioned, about 75% of the time I am completely content with being single. From a numbers perspective, there is a 25% chance of me dating someone. It’s not impossible- it’s just that the odds really aren’t in favor of finding me in a relationship. Paul wrote: “Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I do.” It looks as if that might just be the case Paul.


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