Focus and My Journey to Find It In The Coming Year

focus, planFocus is something I admittedly lack at times. I get interested in something, buy all the things- books, online classes, clothes, and anything else related- but lose my focus within a couple of months. Looking back, I realized that I achieved my goals in 2016 because they didn’t require a daily, focused commitment. In fact, my word for 2016 was geronimo. 


Geronimo is defined as, “used to express exhilaration, especially when leaping from a great height or moving at a high speed.” I was taking big leaps in the changes that I wanted to make. My goals were bigger, “higher” level goals such as getting a new car, moving closer to my office, improving in my job,  and going to a comic con. Now that I have have made those changes, my goals for this year were shaping up to be a bit more granular, and therefore, I needed to find a way to have more focus in my life.


Before the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve, I journaled my focuses for 2017. It is now a month into 2017. I give myself on a 4.5 on maintaining my focus so far. While I am still fairly “caught up,” I am still struggling with maintaining daily habits. Nevertheless, here are the four main areas I want to focus on in 2017!

Focus On: My Faith
2016 brought some challenges to my faith. I have struggled with some things that are too detailed to discuss here. However, recently, I was inspired and realized that my faith is stronger than my challenges. And, if I am completely honest with myself, a bit of laziness is mixed in there as well.


I have set up a Traveler’s Notebook with a gratitude section and a Bible verse writing/prayer section. In the latter, I divide the page in two. I write a prayer at the top and a scripture related to my devotion for the day. This is one of the daily habits I am still struggling with developing. I usually manager to “catch up.” However, I need to improve on doing it daily.


Focus On: My Health 
I started the year by doing the Advocare 24 day Challenge. The first 10 days were met with a lot of gusto. I was able to move to the next belt loop on my belt for the first time ever. I was down almost six pounds. After the first few days of the second phase (and still following it to the letter), I put back on three pounds. That was really hard for me. I still have a couple days leftover of the challenge and fully intend to finish (albeit later than everyone else).


In the meantime, I have started exploring the Paleo diet. I have tried a few recipes that really surprised me. It seems that the Paleo diet will really help me feel full and satisfied- without feeling cheated. I will need to have some extra money in the budget to go 100% Paleo (my cabinets will need a full makeover), but in the meantime I feel this is a good start.


Focus On: My Personal Growth 
Both this section and the next fall under the same category- soon. I have had lofty goals for both my personal growth and my writing. However, I didn’t realize how hard it is to try and develop multiple new habits all at the same time. For my personal growth, I would love to read more, learn coding, practice my Chinese, maybe learn some Hebrew, and get my real estate license- just to name a few things. There are still 11 more months to come so I am hoping once I get stronger with my devotions and my diet, I can begin to tackle these other goals.


Focus On: My Writing
Just like my personal growth, this focus has gone virtually ignored. While I have been doing my gratitude and scripture/prayer writing, I have yet to do anything outside of that. In fact, I have even grossly neglected my blog. I have struggled with inspiration. As of late, writing has felt forced. I want it to be fun again. I hope that by writing this post, it will reignite something in me. My writing is a gift. How lame would it be of me to just waste it?


I don’t know what the next 11 months have in store, but I hope that I am able to continue to improve on my journey to find focus in 2017.

What is your word for 2017?
Let’s do a check-in!
Share with us your word and how you are coming so far this year!

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