Top 5: First List of Favorite Things for 2017

Time seems to fly by faster and faster as I get older. I can’t believe the first month of 2017 is already a thing of the past. The good news is that favorite things are forever and don’t have to ride off into the sunset. I would say my favorite things for January could also be labeled “The Things I Have Slept On” since most of them aren’t new. They are just new to me.


“The Crown” on Netflix

I have a strong affinity for all things British. However, I have never really found myself caught up in royal mania. I know the names of the royal family, and that Prince William is the same age as I am, but that is about it. However, “The Crown” changed that for me. If you love history, this show is for you. The challenges that the Queen faced as a young female leader in 1952 was incredibly intriguing. For me, I appreciated the balance of history and royal family insight. I have a heightened appreciation for the Queen, her duties, and what she had to overcome (in the beginning at least…the season was the first decade of her reign).

My Planners: Happy Planner and Traveler’s Notebooks 
These certainly deserve their own post (and most likely will get one), but in the meantime, they definitely make my favorite things list! I can not even begin to tell you how many hours and dollars I have spent trying to find the perfect planner to fit my needs. I have spent endless hours scouring any store that has office supplies (brick-n-mortar AND online) trying to find just the right one. What I didn’t know was that I should have been shopping at CRAFT supply stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. After I found the incredibly customizable Happy Planner, I then learned about Traveler Notebooks. I had no idea that I could have three or four notebooks in ONE! The planner life is certainly an amazing development in my life.


Geeked Out Planner Girls 
Once I found out about the amazing world of planners, I also found the giant community of (mostly) women that love stationary and planners the way that I do (and maybe even MORE!). One day, I took a chance and asked if there were any “geeky” planners. The response was OVERWHELMING! So, in a moment of inspiration, I changed the name of an empty group I started once for an old blog, and posted the link. The group already has over 1,300 members! We celebrate our fandoms and planning. It is so exciting to see that there are that many geeked out planner girls out there!


Star Talk Podcasts
Until recently, the only thing I really knew about Neil Degrasse Tyson was the shall-not-be-named Pluto incident that was highlighted on “The Big Bang Theory.”

However, after he was on a “Nerdist” podcast, I started listening to his “Star Talk” podcasts. I can admit that I understand maybe only 20% of what they discuss. However, if I don’t even try, I probably never will (understand it). What I appreciate most is Dr. Tyson’s ability to connect difficult scientific concepts to pop culture. He makes a real effort to make science available to the masses- which is certainly no easy feat.


The second “Logan” trailer
Truthfully, I have not been a huge fan of the X-Men movies and the convoluted timelines. And don’t get me started on what they did to Deadpool. However, despite it all, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine persevered. Hugh Jackman never failed to do Wolverine justice on the big screen. He embodied the character like few have (RDJ as Tony Stark comes to mind). “Logan” is set to be Jackman’s final run as Wolverine after nearly 20 years with the adamantium claws.


The first trailer, set to Johnny Cash’s last song “Hurt,” had all the feels. I felt myself getting teary from just the trailer! The symbolism of the song was so overwhelming! The second one was just as powerful…just in a different way. We saw more of Laura Kinney (X-23) and I can’t wait to see where they take her character. The jury is still out as to whether she will carry on the claws for awhile or if a new Logan will be cast. I am hoping for the former.

2017 certainly arrived with a bang thanks to some pretty awesome favorite things in January.
I can’t wait to see what the next month (and the rest of the year) has in store. What were some of your favorite things in January?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I’m obsessed with planners right now too. I love my Happy Planner, but it’s so darn big that I ended up starting a smaller bullet journal planner instead. I’ll have to check out that group for more inspiration! And yay for Star Talk! I don’t understand most of it either, but I do love me some Neil deGrasse Tyson<3

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