Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse: Food and Feels

I am a huge fan of food- whether it’s sampling it or learning about it. If I believed in past lives, I would say a chef is one of mine. However, food reality shows have started to become repetitive in one way or another. Hence, recently, when I was scrolling through my Amazon Fire Stick, there was a show jumped out at me. “Eat The World with Emeril Lagasse” popped up on Amazon video.

Emeril Lagasse is certainly known for his unique take on both food and food television. My brother and I grew up watching him. Being a food geek and someone in love with travel, this seemed to be the show for me. Long story short, I watched all six episodes in one binge- and could have watched six more. I certainly disappointed that it was only six episodes…and with no word about whether there will be more.

Here is why “Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse” is different than most food shows:

Emeril and friends

Emeril LagasseFor each destination on Emeril’s journey, he enlists one of his culinary compadres. Emeril has a personal relationship, on some level or another, with each of the chefs that he has chosen to join him. Whether it is friend of thirty plus years Mario Batali, or a young chef he met only three years ago, they have a special place in his life. It was clear that the conversations were not forced or scripted. It had an amazingly authentic feel…as if you were viewing Emeril’s Instagram feed.

No two shows are the same

The first season contains six episodes and everyone was different. The first episode showcased “New Nordic” cooking in Sweden. The second episode was a quest for the perfect soup dumpling in Shanghai. However, it is not just the destinations that make each episode unique. Those who accompany Emeril LegasseĀ are different. The goal for each journey is different. Without giving away spoilers, I will say they saved the best for last with Emeril’s journey to Cuba in the final episode.

The full food experience

Another great feature of the show was that, when it came to the actual food, it was the full experience. Each episode talked about the complete journey of the ingredients and the different ways they make their way to the plate. The ingredients in each country had a different story to tell- a different journey that they took. While the “farm to table” movement seems to be gaining popularity as a trend, in these countries it was just a way of life. As someone who lived in Asia, and misses that experience, that part of the show was particularly intriguing for me.


This series really had it all. It was entertaining, everyone had a true passion for food, it was educational, and it wasn’t in your face. There weren’t any agendas or political narrative (even when in countries like China and Cuba).

At this point in Emeril Lagasse’s career, he certainly could be kicking back and enjoying retirement. Instead, he took on the challenge of this journey (albeit however short it may end up being) and allowed us to come along for the ride. This show has certainly become one of my favorites and I am hoping that we will get to see more in the very near future.

Have you seen the show? if not, do you think you will give it a shot?

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